Water Well drilling: What Are Your Options on Augers?

Drill pile drilling wellWater wells are an essential part of most properties worldwide nowadays. There are various methods used for drilling water wells, including cable, rotary and auger drilling. Auger drilling is typically used in very soft rock and soils. It drills holes by rotational penetration into the ground using a drill bit.

There are different auger-drilling bits used by well drillers. Some drillers will use different drills for the upper and lower borehole parts while others will use one for the entire drilling. Here are the different augers used for drilling water wells.

Solid Stem Augers

These are continuous-flight augers driven using top-drive rotary machines with slow rotation and adequate torque rating. Solid stem augers are used for small-diameter deep holes. Their cuttings are held up by the hole, and then conveyed to the surface by rotated helical flights.

If solid stem augers are used for your drilling, the well’s permanent covering is installed after removal of the augers.

Hollow Stem Augers

These consist of continuous-flight augers with hollow centre tubes. Hollow stem augers are typically used with bit plugs attached to secondary internal rod strings.

The augers drill the well in the same manner as continuous-flight augers to its required depth. After reaching this depth, the inner rod strings are withdrawn, and you can install your permanent casing before removing the augers.

Bucket Augers

When drilling using bucket augers, the cuttings are removed from the hole with a bucket and hoisted to the surface. As the hole gets deeper, extensions are added to the bucket auger. Though inexpensive, bucket augers are only used for large diameter, shallow wells.

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There are many advantages of the auger water well drilling methods mentioned above over others. Auger drilling, for instance, has low operating costs and a fast rate of ground penetration. It also does not contaminate your ground water when drilling hence you can be sure of your water’s safety.