Presentation Sessions Overview

Emerging companies are the engine of growth for any cluster, and are particularly important for the clean energy sector, where urgent global energy efficiency and sustainability issues require new ideas and solutions.

The Presentation Sessions are designed to provide investors with critical market, competitive and milestone information in a ten-minute format for a wide variety of emerging companies and university professors seeking funding. These sessions are also ideal for journalists who want to learn about the latest new technologies being commercialized and for anyone else who wants insight into the next wave of emerging clean energy companies.

These sessions have helped catalyze the formation and funding of several companies in the last several years, such as biofuels startup SunEthanol and ICE 2008 Grand Prize Winner and wind turbine innovator FloDesign. The Meetup is designed to help you find the investors, partners and customers you need to grow your business.

If you are interested in presenting your company or university technology in one of the Presentation Sessions, you must submit an application. All applications will be reviewed by the Investor Advisory Board.

If your company has already raised more than $500,000 and you would like to present, please see information for Leading Cleantech Companies.

Emerging Companies: Application Requirements & Information

Selected entrepreneurs,  inventors,  and researchers will give 10 minute presentations on their business opportunity to an audience of investors and potential corporate partners.

Early Submission Deadline: August 30, 2012

Final Submission Deadline: September 14, 2012

Announcing acceptance decisions to present: September 21, 2012 

Presentation Fees:

Emerging cleantech company that secured less than $500,000 in investment or grants):    $550 (plus $275 for each additional company attendee)
Emerging cleantech company that secured more than $500,000 in investment or grants):  $1,000 (plus $275 for each additional company attendee)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Emerging Companies

Strong applications from emerging companies seeking funding are eligible to apply to present at the Conference.
You must have recently formed a company that has the following characteristics:

1. The company must be developing Clean Energy products, related services or commercially applicable technologies;

2. The company is actively  looking for capital investment, strategic partners, or beta customers.

  • Nonprofit Research Institutions

    You must be a PI or Technology Transfer Officer at a research organization and have a technology with which you are actively developing a new business start-up.

Instructions on submitting an application via the CleanzoNE platform:

  1. Join the CleanzoNE website by clicking on “Join now” on the homepage.
  2. Click on the “Competitions” tab on the top navigation (you will be taken to this page:
  3. Click on the “Global Cleantech MeetUp” link
  4. You will be asked to accept our standard Terms & Conditions before being directed to the dedicated contest page where you can see all the contest specifications.
  5. Click on the “Submit” link on the top right and complete every step of the submission form.
  6. For “Attach  document” please attach your company logo (if any)
  7. You can save a draft or, when ready, click on “Submit” to send your application.
  8. You will receive an email to confirm the successful completion of the submission process.

Emerging companies selection committee

Co-Chair: Abi Barrow, Director, Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center

Co-Chair: Mitch Tyson , Chair, New England Clean Energy Council

Rob Day, Partner, Black Coral Capital

Mark Goodman, Founder, Terawatt Ventures

Dan Hullah, Partner, Rockport Capital

Dhiraj Malkani, Partner, Rockport Capital

David Miller, Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group

Matthew Nordan, Vice President, Venrock

Bic Stevens, Principal, Stevens Capital Advisors

Bilal Zuberi, Principal, General Catalyst