Burglar-Proofing Your Windows and Doors

a burglar entering a house Whenever a house has been attacked by burglars, it is expected that the home-owner will report several missing items. However, even worse than the loss of items is the psychological trauma that the home-owner experiences from that day forward. Any sudden noises in another room will be enough to cause panic. This has become a reality for many home-owners in Auckland who have been victims of break-ins.

Protect yourself and your property by reinforcing your glass windows with these:

Resistance Glass

Balcony doors and basement windows have been identified as a common route used by burglars. If your house has some windows facing an unused area, it is susceptible to burglary. Consider hiring a company that deals with glass in Auckland to replace your normal window panes with safety glasses. A safety glass offers resistance against breaking which tends to discourage burglars. A burglar will be required to hit the glass pane repeatedly which is likely to attract unwanted attention.

Additional Grills

Windows may be reinforced with additional metal grills to deny burglars any access into a house. The burglar will be required to cut the metal grills if they are determined to gain access into a building. Cutting metal grills will require additional equipment and time which are two things that a burglar strives to maintain at a low if they are to be successful in their endeavour.

Window Alarms

The use of window alarms has become popular among home-owners. The alarm is designed to go off whenever a window is broken or where a window is opened outside the set durations. For example, a person may set the alarm to operate between 6 pm and 6 am every day to burglar-proof their home when they are asleep. Similarly, a person going on a long trip away from home may set the alarm to be operational for 24 hours every day.

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The loss of items and stress associated with a burglary have encouraged home-owners to invest in reinforcing their windows. A burglar-proof home not only provides security but also provides the home-owner with much-needed peace of mind.